Inform, Educate and Empower the Community on Health Disparities

Taking Steps to Healthy Change (YOMH)

Funded by: The Ohio Commission on Minority Health 

The Youngstown Office on Minority Health; the first of its kind in the Mahoning County,was open inside the Youngstown City's Health District in 2008.

Good Health is Your Right!

Mission Statement:  YOMH through collaboration and partnering with local health care stakeholders and community groups promoting awareness, education, advocacy, and support will lead the effort to reduce health care disparities.

Vision Statement:  Through capacity building, develop a strategic plan to overcome barriers and gaps to significantly decrease racial and ethnic disparities in Youngstown, Ohio. 

What Are Health Disparities?

Health Disparities are defined as difference in the occurrence, death rate and burden of health conditions that exist among specific population groups in the United States. (According to National Center for Minority)

The good news there are steps that we can take as a people to reduce disparities:

  1. Awareness
  2. Education
  3. Prevention

Our Guiding Principle: We strongly endorse health equity as a right not an oversight for the minority community. YOMH are addressing these crisis as it affects the lives of African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, Latino's, Native Americans Indians and all ethnic groups.

We work closely with community based organizations, schools, business, churches, and all those who affect the lives of people. We will use these steps to serve as an organization addressing crisis as it affects the health of minorities.

  1. Violence
  2. Childhood Obesity
  3. Cancer
  4. Cardio Metabolic Syndrome
  5. Mental Illness
  6. Asthma  

Four Core Competenices

      1. Monitor health status to identify and solve community health problems
      2. Inform, educate and empower people about health issues
      3. Mobilize community partnerships and action to identify and solve health problems.
      4. Develop policies and plans to support health efforts

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