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Childhood Overweight/Obesity

At the 2008 136th Annual American Public Health Association the current acting U.S. Surgeon General StevenK. Galson, MD addressed the audience by stating reducing the prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity is among the foremost health challenges of our time. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) have found the obesity is disproportionately represented amoung minority youths. Their finding has shown that non-hispanic black youth and mexican american youth ages 6-11 were 20 to 22 percent more likely to be overweight than their non-hispanic white peers at 14 percent overweight.

In Ohio 39.3 percent of black youth are overweight as compared to 28.5 percent to their white counterparts. Ohio children who lived in homes where the Federal Proverty Level (FPL) was greater than 100 percent had higher rates of obesity rates. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) found higher rates pf obesity amoung childern enrolled in the school lunch program in every county. Ohio is the 17th heaviest state in the country and experts believe that based on the current trends our youth will live shorter lives than their parents.

The Impact Obesity has on Health

One third of our youth will be diagnosed with type II diabetes over their coursse of life. Type II diabetes, once known as adult-onset diabetes is now diagnosed in children. High blood pressure and elevated cholesterol level are present in sixty percent of our overweight youth ages 5 to 10 years old. For more information on childhood obesity go to

Years Potential Life Lost

The numerical difference between a predetermined end point age (usually age 75) and the age at death for a death or deaths that occurred prior to that end point age. The potential years of life lost (YPLL) for each death (usually to residents of a geographic area for a specific time period) are summed to represent the total years of potential life lost for that area.

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