Minority Health Month

 Minority Health Month 2017 

The Ohio Commission on Minority Health announces the availability of funds to support Minority Health Month grants. Grant funds will not exceed $3,000 per applicant agency.

It is with great pleasure that we provide the grant application packet for Minority Health Month (MHM) 2017. Created in Ohio in 1989, Minority Health Month has been replicated as a national celebration since 2000. While we believe that the phenomenal participation over the years exemplifies the continued importance of this 30 day campaign, please pay close attention to the aspects of planning and implementation including but not limited to:

*Assuring that while MHM is developed to reach minority communities, it serves all Ohioans;

*The requirement of two separate activities, held on separate days, per agency;

* Notifying the public of any changes in dates, locations of activities etc., after the closing date for the calendar of events is the sole responsibility of the grantee;

*Budgetary shifts without approval (budget revision) resulting in nonpayment; and

*New Requirement: Implementation of the Satisfaction Survey.

We suggest that you thoroughly read the application prior to preparing your application and that the person who will be responsible for implementing the program participate in a webinar (schedule included). This suggestion applies to new applicants and previous applicants of MHM.

You have our sincere appreciation for the services you provide to improve the health status of Ohioans. We look forward to your participation for Minority Health Month 2017.

Please note that regardless of the type of event and whether there are other sponsors, the Commission’s interest is the promotion of good health. Therefore, food selection, activities, etc., whether funded with State dollars or not, must support this goal. The Commission will accept only ONE application per 501 (C) (3) agency.

The original grant application and three (3) copies must be received in the Commission office located at 77 S. High Street, 18th floor, no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, July 22, 2016.

Good Health Begins with You!  All events funded by: The Ohio Commission on Minority Health.

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