Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Counseling & Testing

Our clinic is one of Ohio's limited number of counseling and testing sites. It provides anonymous (numbers only identification) one-on-one HIV/AIDS prevention and testing services to clients at-risk for HIV infection. By informing at-risk clients of their anitbody status and providing individual counseling, it is the goal of this program that these persons will be more likely to adopt sexual and drug use behavioral modifications that may reduce transmission of the AIDS virus. Sometimes, however, we are too late and the individual has already become infected. Even here, we can be of great assistance through referrals to a variety of agencies and programs, medical care, and more. We can be most effective with additional counseling on safe sex even with an HIV positive person so that he or she does not become co-infected with additional different viral strain.

Most of the nurses have attended the Ohio Department of Health's HIV/AIDS Counselor Training Program and are state certified HIV Education Specialists. Clients who test positive for the virus are given the tuberculin test or advised to receive it. If that test is positive, they are referred to the Mahoning County Tuberculosis Clinic and given further counseling and educational material pertaining to the prevention and spread of the disease.

They are also referred to medical infectious disease specialists or a physician of their choice, other psychosocial professionals, social services for persons with HIV and HIV/AIDS support groups. There is no out of pocket charge for the testing. The State Health Department pays for the cost.

For more information contact the Nursing Division at (330) 743-3333 ext 262

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