Immunization Only Clinics

The Health District works closely with the local school board in an effort to keep immunization levels high. Mass walk-in clinics are held throughout the year to assure school-age children are adequately immunized against the required vaccine preventable diseases. 

 Influenza clinics are held yearly from October through the winter months as recommended by the Ohio Department of Health. These clinics are open to the public. Satellite clinics are held throughout the city at various locations for the administration of the vaccine.  


Hepatitis B vaccine clinics are conducted on an on-going basis to those who are students or are employed in occupations which put them at high risk of contracting and/or transmitting hepatitis B disease. The nurses usually outreach to the agencies or locations to provide the immunizations on site.


For more information contact the Nursing Division at (330) 743-3333 ext 251


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